Criteria for the purchase of real estate

We can buy on a stroke of heart. But it is best not to rush when you buy a property, especially if it is a rental unit. A good investment must meet certain criteria. To become a happy new owner, you must take your time before starting to buy real estate. More information : . Buying a home is as important as it is complex, especially for the uninitiated. It is important to be well informed before going further.

The steps to buy a home

Even if a small villa with a blooming garden melts your heart, you will find it hard to appreciate its beauty if it is located near a landfill, at the end of an airport runway or near a fire station. . A thorough visit to the home is an essential step before any real estate purchase. Ideally, you should be accompanied by a professional who can identify the defects or if the work needs to be done. Outside the house, check the condition of the masonry, joints, doors and windows, and the chimney. Check to see if the walls are cracked, the sewage system is working, or there are missing tiles on the roof. Discover villa for sale French Riviera. Once inside the house, be sure to check for cracks or moisture on walls and ceilings. Similarly, check the electrical installation, in particular the existence of a differential switch required for homes older than 5 years. Plumbing deserves special attention, especially the water pressure. Make sure there is no condensation problem, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Also check the condition of the attic and cellar. Before any real estate purchase, you must ensure that the owner has complied with the various regulations in force. In case he has been working recently, ask him to show you a damage insurance that will cover you in the future. Similarly, you must require the production of mandatory documents (work permit, building permit …) on the annexed parts: the veranda, the garage and the garden shed. especially in the bathroom and the kitchen.


We are still thinking about asking for the amount of the housing tax and the property tax. It is less often thought to verify that these amounts are based on the actual condition of the property, especially for single-family homes. Did the seller report to the tax department any improvements or modifications made? If he has not done so or if his statements are inaccurate, you may notice an unexpected increase in these local taxes. But this risk naturally concerns only single-family homes, since it is difficult in collective housing to increase the living space …

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